纯净的bwin用户登陆使人们更容易保持水分. It assists digestion, 提高运动能力, detoxifies the body, and promotes smoother skin, among other things.


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Range Water Conditioning

与产品范围水调理, 你会得到你需要的处理过的水, when you need it. 高性能树脂条件您的水与最佳效率. 我们的系统使用简单、经济、维修简单. Range Water Conditioning可以告诉你怎么做.

Duluth gets water pumped straight out of Lake Superior, the third largest lake in the world! Those with access to the municipal water enjoy the benefits of the Lakewood Treatment Plant which is responsible for cleaning and filtering the city’s water supply. 那些不依靠市政供水的必须依靠一口井和一口井, 他们可能会遇到一些问题. Explore this page to learn more about the issues you might be facing and contact us when you’re ready to take the first step towards better water.



Does your water taste bad?



德卢斯的许多家庭被发现有含铅量很高的水. 我们的水过滤系统可以使水安全、干净地饮用.

Water Softener Systems

在你的房子里有硬水可能是一个昂贵的问题. 地下水中溶解的矿物质与热量相互作用,形成腐蚀管道的水垢, appliances, and fixtures in your home.

下雨的时候,水里完全没有任何矿物质.  Calcium and magnesium are among the minerals it picks up as it travels through the ground. 硬水是指积累了高浓度矿物质的水. In terms of your health, hard water is not hazardous, but it is destructive to your home. 遭受硬水之苦的房主将从软水器中大大获益.
Dirty faucet with limescale, calcified water tap with lime scale on washbowl in bathroom.

Salt-Based Water Softeners

水中产生硬度的矿物质可以用盐基软化剂去除. 因此,你家里的固定装置和电器将很少或没有水垢的堆积.

你会注意到你的衣服看起来更亮更干净, 你的头发和皮肤不再干燥和发炎. 额外的长期利益包括更高效和耐用的设备, 以及减少维修和维护成本.

Salt-Free Water Softeners

Salt-free water softener systems use a physical process known as Template Assisted Crystallization instead of ion exchange to remove hard water minerals from water. The minerals in the water are transformed into a hardness crystal that won’t attach to any surface in your home, making it easier to clean.

A significant disadvantage of salt-free softeners is that they may be ineffective when exposed to other contaminants such as lead and chlorine. That is why we strongly advise our clients to install some form of filter in front of the system to keep the media clean. 然而,如果你喜欢避免盐/化学物质,无盐软化剂是最好的选择.


当人们摄入了过量的含铁水, 他们的皮肤可能会受到不良影响. Due to the fact that elements such as iron or magnesium can cause damage to healthy skin cells, 人们可能会注意到皱纹的早期开始. Additionally, 因为水和铁不能很好地混合, 人们可能会注意到淋浴或沐浴后残留的肥皂残留物. 此外,这种肥皂的积累会导致皮肤问题.

如果家庭供BWIN欢迎您被铁污染,可能会导致管道问题. 过量的铁可能会产生残渣,积累并造成堵塞. 当这种情况发生时,你会注意到水压下降或排水缓慢. 这是考虑从bwin用户登陆中去除铁的另一个原因.


如果你家的水是黄色的,有一种淡淡的金属味, 这是由于过量的铁. Installing an iron filter in your home is the best way to eliminate water stains and odors. It works by removing pollutants from water and purifying it for drinking and other purposes. 锰是一种自然存在于岩石和土壤中的矿物质. 也可能是地下污染源的结果. Although it is less common than iron, it is typically discovered in water that contains iron.

当锰存在于水中时,它会产生许多与铁相同的问题. 只要低剂量,它就能使接触到的任何东西褪色. 锰淀积在管道中, 沉淀的锰会使自来水产生黑色的淤泥和浑浊的外观. Clothes washed in manganese-containing water may develop dark brown or black stains as a result of manganese oxidation.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Using a reverse osmosis drinking water filtration system will save you money in the long run. 反复购买塑料水瓶不仅对环境有害, 但这也不利于你的钱包. 从长远来看,过滤系统是最好的选择. As a bonus, 反渗透BWIN欢迎您的维护要求低, 这取决于磨损的程度.
处理你家里使用的所有水, 在主水管道上安装了一个入口系统, 水首先进入你家的地方. 然后,净化后的水可以从每个水龙头流出,流进家里的每个设备, 这就是为什么“全屋”滤水器通常被称为“全屋”滤水器.

而一个入口系统处理房子里所有的水, 一个使用点系统只处理它的一部分. Point-of-use systems filter water at the “point” where it is used and are often installed at a single water connection, 比如厨房或浴室的水槽下面.
在整个房屋中使用的反渗透几乎消除了所有的污染物, including sodium, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, lead, arsenic, magnesium, fluoride, manganese, cyanide, 以及微生物和其他化学物质


Improved Taste

通过去除影响味道和气味的杂质, RO过滤增强了味道, odor, and appearance of water.

Save Money

一旦你安装了反渗透系统,你就可以停止购买瓶装水. bwin用户登陆提供的水在质量上“比瓶装水更好”.

Low Maintenance

RO系统包含少量的移动或可更换部件, 这让它们更容易清洁和保养.

Remove Impurities

反渗透系统能够从水中去除各种各样的污染物, such as nitrates, lead pesticides, sulfates, fluoride, bacteria, medicines, and arsenic.

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Duluth Water

The City of Duluth owns, operates, 并维护莱克伍德水处理厂, 15 water reservoirs, 11 water pumping stations, 还有400多英里的输水管道. The City treats, stores, 并向30多个国家输送50亿加仑的bwin用户登陆,000 customers per year, 包括赫尔曼敦的城市, Proctor, and Rice Lake. 这个供BWIN欢迎您的水库能储存大约6800万加仑的水.


由于德卢斯城地下独特的地质条件, 有许多井正好落在海水的口袋上. Is yours one of them? If so, 你的水来自古老的加拿大盾盐水, organisms that collected at the bottom of large bodies of water and have been disturbed and brought to the service by glaciers. 撇开历史课不谈,如果你想让你的盐水尝起来正常,给我们打电话吧.

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Range Water Conditioning最近在德卢斯开设了一家新办公室.

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Duluth, Minnesota

德卢斯是美国的一个港口城市.S. 明尼苏达州和圣. Louis County. 德卢斯有85人,618, making it Minnesota’s fourth-largest city and the center of Minnesota’s second largest metropolitan area, with a population of 278,799. 德卢斯与邻近的苏必利尔市形成了一个都市区, Wisconsin; together they are called the Twin Ports. The city is named for Daniel Greysolon, Sieur du Lhut, the area’s first known European explorer. Situated on the north shore of Lake Superior at the westernmost point of the Great Lakes, Duluth is the largest metropolitan areaon the lake and is accessible to the Atlantic Ocean 2,300英里外的五大湖水道和圣. Lawrence Seaway. 德卢斯港是世界上对远洋船舶开放的最远的内陆港口, 也是五大湖最大最繁忙的港口. 该港口是美国吨位排名前20的港口之一.


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